Rules & Regulations

1. Open 365 days a year. Visiting hours: 8:00am – 5:30pm
2. Office hours: Monday-Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm; Saturday 9:00am – Noon
3. All decorations NOT in permanent vases will be removed March  thru October .
4. Fresh-cut flowers only April thru October – not responsible for artificial flowers.
5. All Christmas decorations will be removed February 1st (even from permanent vases).
6. No concrete, glass or breakable flower containers are allowed.
7. Easter, Mother’s Day, Memorial Day and other holiday decorations will be removed    one week after the special day. (unless they are in a permanent vase).
8. Any plantings must be approved first by management.
9. Cemetery NOT responsible for any gravesite decorations, vases, raised memorials, or photos on memorials.
10. Monuments permitted only on lots of 4 graves or more. (exception section 41)
11. No shepherd hooks. No perpetual lamps. No fires. No littering.
12. No pets allowed on cemetery property (restricted to Nature Trails).
13. No bike riding, firearms. fishing, hunting, trapping, swimming or ice skating.
14. No student driving. No climbing on monuments or grave markers.
15. No unauthorized assembly. No loitering. No alcohol consumption.

Rules are subject to change without notice