Hiking Trails

.The Highland Cemetery trails are a part of a Wildlife Enhancement Program. The trails cover 4 miles on 150 acres of undeveloped cemetery property. These beautiful trails are bordered by Highland Pike, Fort Wright, Fort Mitchell and the cemetery proper. The Wildlife Enhancement Program is one of many ways Highland Cemetery involves itself in the community. The trails are available to schools, scouts or anyone interested in a peaceful setting. Trails are open from 8am – 5pm daily 

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hc-trail-map-2-2015The trails were installed as environmentally-safe as possible. They are no wider than necessary to preserve vegetation. Dead trees have been left standing to provide food, nesting, and den sites for a variety of wildlife. Signs of erosion are minimized by blocking off sections of trails as needed. Trails have been rerouted to accommodate hibernating box turtles.

The trails are a great place to view woodland wildflowers in the spring, peaking around mid-April. Early spring and summer are ideal times for bird watchers wanting to see many of our native species and neotropical migrants. The maple trees make for great color in the fall, peaking in mid-October. Winter is just as interesting with ice formations in streams and animal tracks in the snow. You will notice “No Mow Zone” signs throughout the cemetery to enhance wildlife habitat. Many nest boxes can be found throughout the ground to attract a wide variety of wildlife species,including bluebirds, wrens, kestrels, chickadees, screech owls, great homed owls, squirrels, and raccoons. In addition to wildlife, you will see streams and waterfalls.

A Perpetual Care Fund has been established for Wildlife Enhancement in Highland Cemetery in order to guarantee this project benefits the community and wildlife for generations to come.

The Hiking Trails are open daily from 8:00am to 5:30pm. When visiting the trails and our cemetery we ask that you respect the cemetery property by not littering. Please do not disturb plant or wildlife species. Dogs are permitted on the trails only, please clean up after your pet.

DIRECTIONS: Take I-75 to exit 188 (Fort Mitchell, Dixie Highway South) Off the exit, turn left into the cemetery white gates, located directly across from Kroger and Expressway Plaza Shopping Center. To find the trails, take all right-hand turns after you enter the cemetery. You will pass a lake on the right and see a small parking lot at the entrance to the trails.